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Follow my card game on Twitter and Facebook!

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 14, 2016, 9:13 AM
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Howdy ya'll! So a few weeks ago I mentioned I was creating a tabletop card game. Well, I have finally launched a Twitter account for it! It would mean a lot if you could follow it!
Or just @DungeonCats on Twitter!

OR on Facebook!…

I will be posting artwork relating to the game ONLY on the twitter account. Nothing relating to the game will be posted here. We will have some prizes and stuff too including designing a card if we get enough followers!

The premise of this game is a roleplaying adventure game. You play a Cat who dreams of becoming a hero one day. Through cards, you venture into a dungeon with the rest of your party and defeat monsters with the goal being to defeat the boss. You gather exp on the way as well as gold. You buy weapons and items to help you on your quest, level up into different classes and sabotage the other players to grab the most exp by the end of the game. Be careful though! Each player only has 9 lives!

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New project and tumblr

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 31, 2016, 9:06 AM
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I haven't posted any art in awhile. I have been working on a new project of making a tabletop card game. So that has been taking up my time. And I honestly don't really like deviantart much anymore. I dunno, growing out of it I guess? I'll still try and post some stuff here but I'm most active on my tumblr (pixelpoe). That's all

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Chibi Commissions: OPEN

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 8, 2016, 6:07 PM
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Hello! I have opened my regular chibi commissions for a little while
Price: $18 USD
(note that some of these examples are only flat coloured, your commission will be fully shaded like examples 2 & 3. If you only WANT flat colours, the price is $15 USD)
The Sand Witch: Saffron v2 by pixelpoe Button Chibi by pixelpoe Freebie: Riley Dennison for Koko by pixelpoe Gung Hay Fat Choy! by pixelpoe The Witching Hour: Quinn The Traveling Merchant by pixelpoe Request: Epulina by pixelpoe Commission: Glimmering Quill by pixelpoe Commission: Fire Strike by pixelpoe

If you'd like one, NOTE ME with the following form filled out:

Username: (your username here)
Character References: (list all accurate character ref pictures for me to use)
Character personality:
Pose suggestion:
Any other details I should know:

All commissions must be payed in full before I start. Payments are through PayPal.

I will only have 3 slots available per batch to avoid getting ahead of myself

1. Mimiero x2 DONE

I reserve the right to decline any commission for any reason. This is in case someone asks me to draw sensitive or offensive material.

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I am opening my mini chibis for commissions. $10 USD each! Note me with a description or ref photos of what you would like drawn. Please be aware that due to the size of theae chibis, details may be simplifed for the sake of being uncluttered.

Mini Senna Kalos Ver by pixelpoe Mini Kanji Tatsumi by pixelpoe Doodle Gift: Hao for onisuu by pixelpoe Mini Senna GEN 5 VER by pixelpoe AT: Imogen for Koko by pixelpoe Etoile Chibi by pixelpoe  Dungeon Cats Gijinka- Hunter Cat Mini by pixelpoe  Kronilix Mini Chibi COMMISSION by pixelpoe
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Journal Entry: Mon May 18, 2015, 8:35 PM
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Come watch me draw a chibi of onisuu's OC Lian, the snake! :DDDD

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LOL Sorry I've been away!

Journal Entry: Mon May 11, 2015, 9:53 AM
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Hey guys! Sorry I haven't been really posting much stuff recently. I'm kind of in a transitional phase of moving houses right now. I'm going to be living with my boyfriend and his family soon, and have been staying there because my work is just a walk away from his house. So until I get all my stuff moved there (including my computer and tablet to draw with!) I won't be able to draw much. I'm hoping to be moved there by June 1st. So that's what's going on with me!

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Happy new year everyone! I hope 2015 treats you well! Man, I haven't made a journal entry in forever!

So anyway, I have a Twitter now. Well, I've always had one, but I just never really did much with it. SO! You can find me @

And I also have a Tumblr that I post to regularly, in case anyone doesn't know it.

And lastly, I have a Youtube channel now. I'll be posting speed paints and Pokemon battles and stuff. I can also do tutorials if anyone wants, just let me know!…

Sooo! Follow me on those if you like!
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:iconk0useki: is selling a new set of Halloween themed adopts every Friday in October! Go check them out! They're super duper adorable! This week is a set of witches! (I like the Cosmic one X3)

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Colouring some Ming today!
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Freebie Fridays is back for week 4 of June! 

Just post what you want me to draw for you and I'll pick someone! I will post the freebie during the week but definitely before next Friday! (For the last week of June it will be delayed as work has gotten into the busy season, apologies)

Any who have posted what they want already don't have to post again (unless you want something else) as I will consider all of them for each Freebie Friday.

*If you have received a Freebie Friday from me, I'm sorry but I won't draw for you again, to make it fair for everyone else, if you like you can always commission me when my commissions are open*

Edit: If I draw your OC, I may take creative freedom with it, as I like to spin my own take on it, or add something to the design*
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First 10 people to comment here gets 3 things I like from their gallery featured in this journal! Took from :iconsewnriver:

If you want to you can pass this along in your journal too! Just to get everyone's art out there to people who might not have seen it! But ya don't have to. :3 

Edit: I'm also gonna put a little blurb about the artist's gallery.

1. :iconsewnriver:
Wonderful plush artist. I personally commissioned her for a custom Ditto plush. Highly recommend checking out her etsy store!
Life-Size Magikarp Plush by SewnRiverOmanyte Plush by SewnRiverEasiest. Pokemon. Ever. by SewnRiver
2. :iconkhimi-chan:
Super cute and VERY good at imitating styles from other artists. Great at character design!
Pokemon Gijinka Taking offers by Khimi-chan No Bub, You Listen... by Khimi-chan
3. :iconsamagirl:
Her gallery is huge! It's wonderful to see her keep a lot of her older art too, awesome to see the growth of an artist! She also does cute animations!
My Kalos team by Samagirl { Savannah's Reference } by Samagirl Glowandshadeglowandshadeglowandshade by Samagirl
4. :icongothicbunny10000:
Charming hand drawn artwork from GothicBunny. :) A few cute adopts too!
Bunny Adopts by GothicBunny10000 Protection by GothicBunny10000 Grimsly Acadamy Adopt by GothicBunny10000
5. :iconpokette-arts:
Lots of Pokemon dA group pictures here! Very cute work with some different styles!
Random Chibi Style Test by pokette-arts Neko Nyan by pokette-arts Uke Boy by pokette-arts
6. :iconmissingmymind:
One of my friends, and an awesome artist! She's amazing at portraits, traditional and digital.
Natalie Dormer by MissingMyMind Captain Jack Sparrow - Commission by MissingMyMind Rick Grimes by MissingMyMind
7. :iconlaydlovable:
An adorable cosplayer! She doesn't have many art pieces, but it's a traditional anime style.
Dead Master by LayDLovable Princess Ai by LayDLovable hehe by LayDLovable
8. :icontanaie:
Her gallery has really grown into her own unique style, which is adorable! Love the thick lines.
Clumsy Bunny by Tanaie ROTTEN GIRL by Tanaie Halloween Treat by Tanaie
9. :iconsc3chcintr0n:
Lots of great sketches and studies in his gallery!
Art Class 9: Skull Study 2 by Sc3chCintr0n Tim Burton's Vincent by Sc3chCintr0n Art Class 13: Figure Study-Vinyl by Sc3chCintr0n

10. :iconsailordarkmoon:
A smaller gallery, with some fanfics too!
mermaid queen:an ocean of love by sailordarkmoon myu hime: kake angel colored by sailordarkmoon myu hime by sailordarkmoon
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Hey guys! I recently made a Facebook page for my art and I'm giving away a free Pokemon gijinka to a random person!

So come 'like' my page, located here:…

The freebie photo is here:… All you gotta do is comment on the photo of the Pokemon you want me to gijinka for you, and hopefully get picked! You can also name shiny versions or mega Pokemon too!

I will be randomly picking a winner tomorrow afternoon! 
I've let the RNG gods pick a winner for my draw! I'll be having more draws like this on my page, so if you're interested, come 'like' it!
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Sooooo! If you're interested, here are examples and prices of what I can do for you! Prices are per character. Will draw 1 small mascot character (pets, Pokemon etc.) as included. You will receive the original size, in transparent background PNG format.

Cel shaded Chibi $20 CAD

Fable the Clefable by pixelpoe #354 MEGA Banette by pixelpoe Merry Christmas! feat. Link and Navi by pixelpoe
#695 Heliolisk by pixelpoe #700: Sylveon Twins by pixelpoe PKMN Trainer Redesign by pixelpoe
Ming Chibi by pixelpoe 20% Cooler by pixelpoe 15k Kiriban: Paichi by pixelpoe

I'll draw pretty much* whatever you want. Pokemon gijinkas, OCs, anime characters, video game characters etc. Note me if you are interested! Also ask me if you have any questions! All transactions are through Paypal. 

**Please be very specific about what you want. When I get a commission, I generally like to start on it right away, rather than tons of back and forth text to get details. If you do not specify a pose, I will make it a pretty basic standing pose.

*some things I may refuse, due to workload or sensitive material, but not often.

Commission List:
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Hey guys, thought I'd pass along a journal entry about a contest :iconstarry-shizen: is having! 

<da:thumb id="435253571"/>

Basically, she is making an artbook filled with characters based on desserts or drinks that have animal characteristics too (also known as kenomimi or gijinka). The contest is that you pick an animal not already picked and a dessert/drink not picked and design a character based on it! If you win, you could get a copy of the artbook and other cool stuff! 

I'm gonna be entering as well, as I loooove designing characters! Good luck and have fun everyone!
Anybody else find it insanely boring and unsatisfying to draw real life people? A lot of my friends and family when they want to commission me always ask for a chibi of them. It's so unsatisfying to me. It's just copying from a picture, there is no creativity involved. These kinds of commissions really drain my will to draw away. I MUCH prefer to draw original characters or something fantasy. 

I guess I've always had a problem with this sort of thing. I took an art class in high school and all the assignments were "print out a picture of something you want to draw and copy it exactly down on a bigger piece of paper". I hated doing this. It was just copying a photo and drawing it. It was all technical, no right brain activity at all.

Am I crazy or does anyone else feel this way?

Found something that is really quite cool. Are you like me? A huge procrastinator but love playing RPGs? This site/app essentially makes your life into an RPG. You get EXP and gold when you complete tasks set by yourself, or reach a goal. You can customize your little pixel character and everything!

It's cute and a fun way to motivate people who are hard to motivate. (like me) Check it out if you're interested!
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I see a few people on dA sell Pokemon Gijinka design commissions. Would anybody be interested in buying them from me? You pick any Pokemon you want me to make a gijinka out of, and I'll make you a design just for your use only. You can ask for shiny versions as well.

Some examples I have of this are:
Newest <-------> Oldest
COMMISSION: #003 Venusaur by pixelpoe#036 Clefable by pixelpoe #354 MEGA Banette by pixelpoeCOMMISSION: #676 Furfrou and #672 Skiddo by pixelpoe #695 Heliolisk by pixelpoe#700: Sylveon Twins by pixelpoe #637 Volcarona by pixelpoe #433 Chingling by pixelpoe #1 Bulbasaur by pixelpoe

Price is $12 each. I doubt it will, but if it picks up unexpectedly, I may raise prices.

Note me!
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Hey guys, the HD on my computer recently broke (not sure how, I was told there was a clicking noise and then the blue screen of death), so I cannot draw until it is fixed. My apologies.
I'm practicing drawing on a base, because I looooove designing characters but I have no use for them a lot of the time. So I'm practicing on adoptables.

So I'm willing to make 3 custom adopts for people. All you gotta do is list a few descriptive words on what you're envisioning the character to be like, and I'll try and interpret that into a design.

Descriptive words like so:
EXAMPLE: Fluffy, clouds, rosy, melancholy, polka-dots</b>

I'll just pick and choose which ones inspire me the most, sorry, no first come first serve.
Post away!

EDIT: Thanks for the suggestions everybody! Just a note, that some of these suggestions are very specific and some not specific enough. Please try and find a middle ground, I want to be inspired to make something with my own twist, not just draw exactly what people suggest. :') Thanks!

Also, yes I'm still open to suggestions! I've just got a lot on my plate, I have another one all sketched out, haven't gotten around to choosing another yet.
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Journal Entry: Thu Jul 25, 2013, 5:45 PM

I'm doodling today! Not sure of what to draw yet, I was going to do an adopt, so I have a base to work with! Come give me ideas on what you want to see me draw!